A running legend needs some help #charity

20140307-072640 am.jpg

Sometimes you are lucky enough to meet inspirational runners, the kind of runners that make you wish you could be them. I met Mike last Sunday at about mile 3 of the St. Peter’s Way Ultra and ran with him for many miles before he powered on to a great finish and I wished then I could have been him.

Now what does this have to do with anything?

Well, as I’ve said before I don’t run for charity – it’s not my thing, I don’t have the tenacity to go chasing people for cash, I’d rather donate to others and when I met Mike I met a runner that I wanted to donate to. He’s not running a single specific race to raise money, he’s challenged himself to a 1,00mile minimum over the course of 2014. I think that’s impressive – especially when it contains ultra marathons!

Importantly he didn’t ask me to donate money, I asked him if I could. The charity he is running for is a small one, it’s not an Oxfam, Plan or Macmillan, etc (all of whom do amazing work but who are all quite large charities). Momentum are small, local to South West London and Surrey and do really great work – you can see for yourself here http://www.moment-um.org and if anyone would like to help Mike reach the biggest total he can then I know he would be hugely grateful. As an added bonus you will see on his virginmoneygivingpage that every pound donated to him will be matched by Bloomberg.

So I know this is a busy time of year for runners coming round hitting your pockets but I believe this one is worth it. I’m sure you are aware I wouldn’t support anything or more importantly anyone I didn’t believe in, so, if you have anything to give then I know how much it would mean to Mike.

As a useful and potentially donation clinching fact is that Mike runs in Hoka, therefore clearly he has good taste-the photo above is Mike in action at about mile 10 of St. Peter’s Way rocking his beloved Mafate 3.

Anyway thanks for listening chaps and good running this weekend wherever you are.


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