#UltraBaby and the EU Referendum – help me save her future #EURemain

The above picture is UltraBaby, you may remember her from such races as the Winter 100, the Westminster Mile and the Dartford Bridge 10km.

She’s not even 2 years old yet, those of this blogs readership that have met her know she’s an independent, bouncy, run around child without a care in the world. That was until recently when the EU referendum became an issue. When David Cameron sought to save the Tory party from defeat at the last election by promising the in/out vote he effectively set off a chain of events that have brought our country to the brink of disaster. 

Now you and I get to vote, we get a tiny say in this matter… UltraBaby does not.

The problem for me is that she will have to live with (if the polls are right) the stupidity of the British people when they vote leave. I’m therefore urging you to think beyond the borders of your own day-to-day life because this isn’t money issue, it’s not even about the health service, tax, immigration or rules and regulations it’s about us, all of us, not just you. Think about the person you live with, the person you’re sat next to, the people you love, we have so much to lose by closing ourselves off to the opportunities that Europe brings – we should be looking to work more closely with our neighbours not push them away.

So I’m asking you, on behalf of UltraBaby don’t give into a fear of Europe, embrace it and demand that we make our marriage with Europe work, but forget the marriage of convenience we’ve had with Europe, demand closer ties – so we can enjoy the highs and try and figure out the lows

I know that ‘Leave’ talks about opportunities with China, America and Africa but let’s be honest the economy of China is slowing, America may adopt a more isolationist policy in the wake of a Trump presidential win and Africa has already been carved up by other countries who exploited it long ago. The world is an economically and culturally tighter place than it used to be, therefore why would we want to reduce our influence in this more compact playground?

Staying in the EU makes sense.

Perhaps it was brought home to me yesterday when Jo Cox was murdered. A man who is reported to have cried ‘Britain First’ before he attacked and ultimately killed someone who wanted to help improve people’s lives should concern us. I always thought we were a reasonably liberal, free thinking, progressive society – this terrible act and the possibility of a leave vote suggest I’ve been very wrong all these years. I want you all to prove me wrong.

UltraBaby, an innocent without a vote deserves the opportunity to take part in a progressive, forward thinking, passionate, culturally diverse, tolerant, welcoming society – all the things that I’ve believed the UK to be – all the things I hope it can be as part of Europe.

In Europe, you will benefit, I will benefit and my sleeping daughter will benefit. If you’re thinking ‘Leave’ then I’d simply ask you to look again at the life of someone else, someone you care about and ask if they’d be better off with your decision.

And to everyone, whatever your decision – please vote.

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