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I’m a huge fan of the writings and achievements of Sarah, she is inspirational, funny, witty and brilliant. Strangely we have never met and our connections are through over use of Twitter and ultra running but I draw inspiration from her blog and our online chats which often descend into stupidity. I’d therefore like to ask you all to consider voting for her blog as she has been nominated in therunningawards.com – I’ll leave it to Sarah to explain as I’ve stolen the contents of her own post below and the above picture (which I’ve borrowed from her Twitter feed -apologies Sarah) shows a love of mud and running and that alone deserves the prize.

You can visit her blog by clicking here

Good luck Sarah

Can’t quite believe it but ‘Dreaming of Footpaths’ has been shortlisted for a running blogs award! (shocked face!!) It seems that you all enjoy reading about running, poo and mis-adventures more than I thought! Thank you!! If you’d like to add your vote, I’d be really grateful (and I might get a free dinner!).

All you have to do is go to The Running Awards site here therunningawards.com Go to ‘Online’, ‘Blog’ and click ‘Dreaming of Footpaths.’ Please. Do it for my free dinner.

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  1. Ooh!! This is a nice surprise!! I open up one the blogs I stalk … cough, cough … follow and there’s a picture of my feet! Thanks very much for the shout out! Although I’d like to correct one point … talking on Twitter about what colour capes we’re going to have when we’re superheroes is not ‘stupidity’ it’s sensible planning! 😉

    • Ah yes.. I did mention it via Twitter earlier, I was just borrowing the picture rather than infringing personal copyright 🙂

  2. mia79gbr said:

    Ha ha! Infringe away …!

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