Passing Out and the Canadians

I’ve been feeling a bit shit for a few days, no running, busy at work and a stinker of a migraine that I thought might be on it’s way out but this sunny evening or perhaps that should be rainy, having decided to get the tube for a change, I managed to pass out just before I got to the station. Feeling faint and needing to sit down, I actually managed to crash out near Bond Street, it’s been near the surface all day but the idea of standing and walking clearly irritated my already fucked body.

Still many thanks to the two lovely people who came to my aid , a young Canadian couple, Jacqueline and I didn’t catch her partners name but without their assistance things might have been much worse. Some liquid and a bit of Dairy Milk made me feel well enough to stop them calling for medical attention.

Having now managed to pull myself together I’m now at the station and feeling really shaky but okay. Let’s hope nothing else happens today.

Why though my fellow bloggers am I telling you about this? The answer is simple, what the hell would you do if you were 25miles into an ultra and this happened? No signal on your phone and even if you could get signal your brain is mashed? And with just a few weeks to C2C this is a bit worrying.

Hmmm, wish me luck runners!

  1. Take it easy. I hope it’s nothing serious and you’re feeling better.

    • Thankfully I think I’ve just been under the weather the last week and work just being a bit silly. I’ll be back complaining about running in no time!

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