Running : Thanks for the inspiration guys @mia79gbr @ahealthiermoo

Two of my favourite Tweeters answered the questions below, as I understand it Mary ( @ahealthiermoo ) published them plus answered them and Sarah gave a set of stunning answers too ( @mia79gbr ). Sarah and her Creme Egg answers have inspired me to provide my own set of musings.

10 questions for 10 bloggers:

1. What is your absolute favourite meal?
This is very difficult to answer because its so wide and varied. As an ultra runner I really should be eating clean and not consuming crap al the time but the truth is that I do enjoy crap like Dominoes Pizza and Mars Bars. I also have a huge amount of love for Houmous, Burritos – well all things Mexican if truth be told. I suppose though it does come back to the Burrito followed by a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter with chocolate cups ice cream and washed down with a giant thick chocolate milkshake. Back to the burrito though it has to be filthy, probably filled with sloppy beef, black beans, hot salsa, guacamole, sour cream and coriander rice, extra coriander, its got to make my nose run and my my bum burn – if it doesn’t do that then it’s not my favourite meal.

The best bit is that after eating all of this means I really do have to go out running or it will just sit around my middle and make me a fatty.

2. Where is your favourite place to run/work out?
I run a lot around London and Kent because that’s where I work and live but there are bits of the world I enjoy more. I love the Welsh coast and I love running around the Great Orme, I also love running in Great Windsor park during the winter when the ground is wet and horrible and you feel the slop of the mud cutting up around your feet. I also enjoyed running in New York as it’s a very linear place to run. My favourite most recent place to run though would be Capstone Country Park where I did the Oliver Fisher 10km, it was a very up and down place and was just glorious to run round.

3. If you could work in any job, what would it be?
Professional ultra runner? But probably I’d be a superhero of some description, the kind with laser eyes, maybe I could be Burrito Boy and have the constant whiff of chilli about me – that would be pretty yummy and pretty cool.

4. What’s been the most satisfying moment in your life so far?
There are lots of great moments, lots of things that gave me huge satisfaction – so many infact I’m not sure I could pick one. In running terms it would completing my first ultra with just 6 minutes to cross the line

5. What is your ultimate fitness goal?
MDS, UTMB, keeping middle age and the burritos from turning me into a old fat fart … which is a possibility if I’m not careful

6. If you had an extra two hours a day, every day, what would you fill that time with?
I’d fill it with more running and sports and maybe try and convince my dog that he wants to do Cani-X, there are just never enough hours in the day. I suppose if nobody was watching me I’d fill it with dirty burritos though.

7. What is the nicest thing you have ever done for anybody?
I sold up my entire life and moved to Asia to support my partner. In the last week though I took various relatives to hospital for their respective appointments and managed not to get too annoyed at them.

8. Everybody has a little OCD about something (I always cross my fingers when I walk under a street sign!) – What’s your ‘thing’?
I sniff as I leave the house to make sure I haven’t left the gas fire on (we don’t have a gas fire … ). I like my books in height order, I need to listen to at least one ABBA track on a race morning, preferably one of the upbeat ones (Waterloo, Does Your Momma Know).

9. If you could repeat any part of your life again, which part would you choose?
All of it and perhaps not burn as many bridges as I did as a younger man.

10. What do you wish you could go back and tell your 15 year old self?
Don’t burn bridges, don’t worry about things, don’t get angry and keep running through your 20s.

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